Lip Reader Reveals What J-Lo And Ben Affleck Really Said In Tense Exchange

A lip reader has revealed what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez really said to each other during a tense exchange on the red carpet for Lopez’s latest movie.

The news comes after the pair were the sole talk of the internet when the couple were spotted looking tense live at the Grammy’s.

Affleck and Lopez wed last year, over twenty years after they split up, and it appeared that they had finally achieved their fairytale romance. 

In a recent interview with Today, Jennifer expressed nothing but joy for her new spouse and life, calling 2022 her “best year” since the birth of her children. She added: “It’s been, like, a really kind of emotional transition, but at the same time all your dreams coming true.”

However, things haven’t been going as smoothly for the pair as she let on. They have been spotted numerous times squabbling about one thing or another. But their Grammys tense moment, which went viral, led people to believe their relationship wasn’t all that it seemed…

Their awkward interaction quickly became a meme, with Twitter users jumping on the drama online.

Many were trying to figure out what the singer was saying to Affleck.

One person wrote: “I’d pay for an alternate Grammy broadcast that’s just a livestream of Ben Affleck and J. Lo’s table.”

Another said: “Someone get Ben Affleck a cigarette and a Dunkin’ coffee stat.”

And the pair have become the talk of the internet once again, as they were spied in a tense exchange on the red carpet for The Mother.

The pair appeared stressed at times during the Los Angeles event, leading to fans speculating that they were arguing. But now, a lip reader has revealed exactly what the problem was between them…

They told the Daily Mail that Lopez asks Ben if her top is ‘showing too much,’ to which he responds that it is fine.

Although the pair appear stressed at times, it seems to stem from the situation of the red carpet, and trying to ensure they are stood in the best places. Once they find a more comfortable spot, Affleck reportedly asked Lopez to step closer to him, before whispering ‘don’t worry babe’ in her ear.

‘Come close to me,’ the lip reader says she responds.

‘That’s us done,’ Affleck then reportedly responds, before giving his wife a peck and checking if she is okay, to which she confirms she is, before saying they need to ‘step over there.’

Despite the the furore over the tense pictures, it seems that the pair had a lovely night outside of this small moment, as there are many other snaps of them looking cheerful throughout the rest of the evening.

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