Lip Reader Reveals what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez said during ‘Tense Exchange’ while on the Red Carpet

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as ‘Bennifer’, walked the red carpet together for the premiere of J-Lo’s latest movie The Mother, but fans were quick to speculate that something was off between the couple.


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However, a lip reader has since analyzed the footage and revealed that the couple was simply discussing their poses for the photos.

As is typical for Hollywood events, the red carpet was packed with paparazzi eager to capture the perfect shot of the couple.

It was during this time that fans claimed the couple appeared tense and that rumors began circulating online that they were having an argument.

However, the lip reader who analyzed the footage refuted these claims and explained to the Mail Online that the couple was simply discussing how they were going to pose for the photos.

According to the expert, Affleck whispered into J Lo’s ear, saying, “Don’t worry, babe,” before telling her to come closer to him.

The couple then posed for several photos, and after the session, Affleck said, “That’s us done,” before giving J-Lo a kiss and asking if she was alright.

J Lo responded by saying “Yes” and suggested that they “step over there.”

It seems that people’s concerns about the couple’s alleged argument were misplaced, and they were simply communicating about their red carpet poses. The couple seems to be going strong, and fans continue to root for them after their recent reunion.

Their relationship has come full circle since their high-profile engagement and split in the early 2000s, and fans are thrilled to see them together again. It’s evident that Affleck and J-Lo have rekindled their romance, and they appear to be happier than ever.

As J-Lo recently stated in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, “We have so much love and respect for each other, and that is the basis of our relationship.”


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