Viral Pic Leaves Internet Horrified By Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most famous bachelors, and his love life is certainly never out of the headlines.

Over the years, DiCaprio has become notorious for not dating women older than 25, despite ageing into the late 40s himself, and his love interests only seem to be getting younger and younger, which has lead to a lot of discussion around his dating history.

For the last 23 years, reports have shown DiCaprio’s dating life has seemingly followed a strict pattern of dating a young woman and breaking up right before her 25th birthday.

This pattern more evident came to light when the actor and his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, reportedly split right after she turned 25.

It’s even become a well known joke in the industry, so much so that other celebrities have begun teasing DiCaprio about it.

Singer, actress and TV host Dionne Warwick pocked fun at this on her Twitter last year, tweeting ”I just heard about Leonardo DiCaprio’s 25 year rule. his loss. You don’t know what you’re missing.”

And fans on Twitter were loving it…

More recently, DiCaprio, 48, has 19-year-old Israeli Eden Polani at Ebony Riley’s EP release party Los Angeles. – Born in 2004, making 7 years younger than Titanic, and fans can’t believe it.

One fan tweeted: “She’s so young, her high school education was interrupted by COVID.”

Another wrote “Kate Winslet was 22 when she was nominated for an Oscar for Titanic. Which is 3 years older than Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend.”

Polani is signed to IT Models – a Tel Aviv boutique fashion agency established by former nightlife manager Omri Yaari in 2016.

The 29 year age gap between the two has certainly turned some heads, and one tweet in particular has really spun the situation into a different perspective.

The tweet reads ”Just for some context, these two are the same ages as Leonardo DiCaprio & his new girlfriend” and is paired with a photo of Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal, stars of the new HBO series The Last Of Us, where Ramsay plays a 14 year old.

This certainly got people’s heads spinning, and the replies are loaded with people shocked by the age gap.

”And they view each other as father and daughter, unlike our Leo boy,” one person replied.

Fans then realised that in a similar context, the gap between DiCaprio and his rumoured new girlfriend, is the same as between David Harbour, 47, and Millie Bobby Brown, 18.

What do you think of the age gap?

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