Fan is Selling Contacts that have ‘Seen Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour’ for $10k

For die-hard Taylor Swift fans, owning a piece of the singer’s Eras Tour might be worth a pretty penny.

However, one die-hard fan took it to the next level by attempting to sell their used contact lenses, claiming they had witnessed Swift’s performance.

The listing, which appeared on the online marketplace Depop, offered the contacts for a whopping $10,000, insisting that they were in “excellent condition” despite being used.

While some fans were impressed by the seller’s entrepreneurial spirit, others found the idea to be disgusting.

As news of the bizarre listing spread, reactions from Swifties were mixed.

Some praised the seller’s “hustle,” while others labeled it as “disgusting” and “weird.” A few even went as far as to express their willingness to purchase the contacts, highlighting the extent of their dedication to the singer.

However, it seems that the listing was never meant to be taken seriously, as the seller later claimed that it was all just a joke.

Despite the humor involved, the incident has raised concerns about the intense devotion that some fans have for celebrities.

While fandom can bring people together and create a sense of community, it can also become dangerous when it leads to unhealthy behaviors or the exploitation of others.

As one critic pointed out, “this fandom is getting out of control and bordering on celebrity worship.”

Although the contact lens listing has been removed from Depop, it’s worth noting that such items could resurface in the future.

While it’s unlikely that anyone would pay such a high price for used contacts, the fact that someone even tried to sell them highlights the extreme lengths that some fans are willing to go to feel closer to their idols.



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