Delivery Driver Asks for Tip before Handing Over Pizza – Customer Response Divides Internet

A video that has gone viral showcases a pizza delivery driver requesting a tip before handing over the customer’s order, sparking a divisive reaction among viewers.

In our busy lives, there are days when cooking feels like the last thing we want to do.

Instead, we opt to pick up the phone and order our favorite takeout, as Hollywood star Anna Kendrick humorously noted, “If I touch my phone in the right places, pizza will show up at my front door.”

However, it is important to consider that ordering food can often be an expensive affair even before considering the tip for the delivery driver.

A video uploaded to TikTok captured the attention of the internet, showing a Domino’s delivery driver asking for a tip before handing over the food. The video has garnered over 7.9 million views at the time of writing.

It is captioned with “Umm…. The entitlement is killing me,” leaving viewers to question who the remark is directed towards.

Before the customer receives her pizza, the delivery driver simply asks, “tip?” while pointing to the car in the driveway, suggesting that the customer could have picked up the order herself.

The customer, clearly uninterested in engaging in a discussion, asserts that she has paid for the convenience of having the food delivered.

She politely shuts her front door, wishing the Domino’s employee well.

However, the driver, through gritted teeth, suggests that the customer should retrieve her own pizza next time.

The specific toppings on the pizza remain unclear, but it is in the comment section where things heat up as viewers express contrasting opinions about the interaction.


Dominos delivery driver asks for the tip before even handing over the pizza. Looks like she didn’t get a tip at all. who’s side are yall on? #dominos #domino #delivery #deliveryheroes #pizza #doordash #tip #tips #rude #customerservice

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Some viewers side with the customer, with one person stating, “If someone literally said ‘tip?’ to me before I had the chance to even reach in my pocket and grab it, I simply wouldn’t give it to her anymore.” Another adds, “Who asks for a tip BEFORE giving the pizza though?”

On the other hand, some support the delivery driver, with one person exclaiming, “Lol, you’re cheap!! Lmao! Who doesn’t tip?!?” Another chimes in, “I would never not tip someone that brought me my food. Especially in the snow.”

The video has undoubtedly sparked a lively debate among internet users, highlighting the varying perspectives on tipping etiquette and the significance of acknowledging the efforts of service workers.

What are your thoughts on the video?


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