Woman Pronounced ‘Clinically Dead’ after Car Accident Claims she Saw ‘Snoop Dogg Emerging from Light Trying to Kill Me’

Marrianne Rooprai’s experience after a devastating car accident was far from the typical description of near-death experiences.

Instead of seeing a bright light and a feeling of peace, Marrianne had a much more distressing experience, where she was confronted by the rapper Snoop Dogg, who she claims was trying to kill her.

Marianne had been on her way home from a friend’s wedding with her sister when they were involved in a severe car accident.

Although she has no memory of what happened after the crash, Marrianne’s injuries were immediately life-threatening, and she had to be resuscitated multiple times by emergency services.

According to Marrianne, her experience of those moments was quite different from what actually happened.

She remembers being put into the cargo hold of an airplane, where it was “so bright and really, really cold.” She then recalls a conversation with her brother and fiancé about “wiping [their] hands of” someone, who she thinks was her.

In a particularly frightening moment, Marrianne remembers sitting in a chair and hearing voices. She saw a light from a door, which turned out to be a back entrance to a club, and then saw Snoop Dogg and his entourage, who were looking to kill her.

She was so terrified that she tried not to make a sound, and the chair she was sitting on started tearing away from the wall behind her before she suddenly woke up.

After recovering, Marrianne set up the Rooprai Spinal Trust to support others affected by spinal cord injuries. However, she says that she will always have a strange sense of what any sort of afterlife might bring, given her experiences.

“A lot of people have asked me, ‘did you see the light at the end of the tunnel.’ No, I didn’t. There was no tunnel,” she said. “They say, ‘did you see any loved ones?’ And I’m like, ‘No, just Snoop Dogg, really.’”

Marianne’s experience is unique, but it’s not the first time that someone has reported an encounter with a celebrity during a near-death experience.

It’s unclear why people sometimes report seeing famous people during these moments, but it’s possible that it could be related to the way our brains process information during times of extreme stress or trauma.

Whatever the reason, Marrianne’s story serves as a reminder that everyone’s experience of a near-death experience is unique, and that there is no one-size-fits-all description of what happens during these moments.


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