Bam Margera’s Brother Says Star is ‘Dying’ and there’s Nothing He can Do

Bam Margera’s brother, Jess, has shared his concerns for the Jackass star’s health in a recent Instagram post.

The television personality, who is known for his pranks, had gone on the run after allegedly attacking Jess at their family home, leading to concern from his family and former castmates.

Jess updated fans on the situation, revealing that Bam is “dying” and that there is “nothing” he can do about it.

These fears arose after reports of a domestic disturbance at the family home in Philadelphia surfaced.

According to court documents, Margera allegedly kicked open the bedroom door before punching Jess in the kitchen, causing injury to his eye, nose, and ear.

He also allegedly left a threatening letter for Jess, which read, “If you even fking think of calling the police on me, I will officially fk you up.”

Pennsylvania State Police responded to the incident and issued an arrest warrant for Bam, charging him with assault, harassment, and four counts of terroristic threats. Despite being on the run, the TV star turned himself in and is now suing his brother for defamation.

Jess, who is a drummer with the rock band CKY, has commented on the incident in a series of tweets and Instagram posts, confirming the lawsuit and alleging that Bam has an addiction to meth that has led to his declining health.

Jess has also pledged to donate any funds from the lawsuit to mental health programs, and he has shared heart-wrenching posts about Bam’s condition on Instagram.

“Seeing him screaming @ [at] a person that wasn’t there, hallucinating. It’s really scary and heartbreaking,” he wrote. In another post, he shared a black and white photo of him and Bam, revealing that the TV personality is “dying” and that he feels powerless to help him.

“I hope none of you have to hurt as much as me right now,” Jess wrote in the caption. “He is dying, and there is nothing I can do about it.”

The situation is undoubtedly a difficult one for the Margera family and Bam’s friends and former co-stars. Fans have expressed their concern and offered their support to the family during this challenging time.


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