TV Fans are Mourning ‘Ted Lasso’, which ‘Stinks’ Now

Ted Lasso, a show that emerged from nowhere to become an Emmy-winning comedy and the first hit for AppleTV+ a couple of years ago, now finds itself in a much different place in its third and likely final season.

While the show still maintains an 85% critics score and 71% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, which are decent numbers, they are the lowest of the three seasons thus far.

What’s more concerning, though, is the general online discourse, which sees many current and potentially former viewers frequently complaining about how outright bad these latest batch of episodes are.

Fans can’t seem to believe how far the series has fallen off since it first debuted back in 2020.

If AppleTV wasn’t yet committed to the idea of ending Ted Lasso, perhaps the reception to season three will serve as all the proof they need that the series has run its course.

Part of the issue with the latest season of Ted Lasso is that it has seemingly abandoned its formerly comedic core, which understood that its strength was being a story about a loveable gang of misfits, in favor of a preachy, saccharine, self-righteous tone that seems to be imbued in every single line.

Bill Lawrence, who co-created the series with Jason Sudeikis, has another new “comedy” on AppleTV+ titled Shrinking that suffers from the same issues.

The show’s decline has led to an outpouring of disappointment from viewers on social media.

One user wrote, “It’s painful watching #TedLasso at this point. It’s lost its charm and its heart. It feels like they’re just ticking boxes on a formula, rather than telling a story.”

Another user tweeted, “Ted Lasso was such a breath of fresh air when it first came out. Now it’s just trying too hard to be deep and meaningful, and it’s falling flat.”

The change in tone has also not gone unnoticed by critics.

Writing for The New York Times, James Poniewozik said, “Ted Lasso has gone from one of the best comedies on TV to one of the most disappointing dramas.” Poniewozik added, “It’s a show that has lost sight of what made it special in the first place.”

Despite the criticism, Ted Lasso still has a loyal fan base, and many viewers are sad to see it go. The show has been a bright spot for AppleTV+, and it’s likely that the streaming service will try to replicate its success with other series in the future. For now, though, fans will have to say goodbye to the lovable Ted Lasso and his gang of misfits.

Starring Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, the show also features Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, and more. The third season, which premiered on March 15, is set to conclude with its 12th episode on Wednesday, May 31. While some fans may be disappointed with the latest season, others will surely be sad to see the show come to an end.

As Sudeikis himself has said, “All good things must come to an end, right?”


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