Son of Original Snow White Director Slams ‘Insulting’ Disney Remake with Rachel Zegler

The forthcoming remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” has ignited a wave of criticism, particularly from an unexpected source – the son of the original film’s director, David Hand. His scathing assessment of the modern reimagining underscores the depth of his dissatisfaction and his belief that his father’s legacy, along with Walt Disney’s, is being compromised by the remake’s direction.

The classic 1937 animation, a collaborative masterpiece between David Hand and Walt Disney, has left an indelible mark on cinema history. However, as the “woke” remake gears up for a 2024 release, Hand voices his concerns regarding the changes being introduced to the cherished narrative.

A pivotal alteration that has sparked controversy is the rumored replacement of the iconic “seven dwarfs” with what are termed as “magical creatures.” This departure from the established characters strikes at the core of the original story’s charm and familiarity.

Further dissent is directed at the potential transformation of the film’s central theme, with speculations that the traditional love story might be cast aside. These departures from the source material and its timeless appeal are fueling Hand’s disapproval.

Rachel Zegler, cast as the titular Snow White, also voiced her criticisms of the original plot, labeling it “creepy and stalker-ish.” The upcoming adaptation, directed by Marc Webb and written by Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson, seeks to overhaul this narrative. Zegler contends that in the modern context, the focus on a prince who pursues Snow White relentlessly is disconcerting, asserting that the remake has consciously shifted away from such dynamics.


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However, Hand, who himself played a role as a designer for Disney in the 90s, stands firmly in opposition to the trajectory that the remake is taking. He candidly expresses his disagreement with the critics who have endorsed these alterations, noting that many among the younger generation may not be familiar with the original, leading them to misunderstand the essence of the story.

With a touch of dismay, the 91-year-old laments the sweeping changes in tone and approach that have characterized the remake. He asserts that the legacy of his father, as well as that of Walt Disney, is being overshadowed by these transformations. Hand questions the need for such radical shifts in storytelling, particularly when the original narratives were so successful and resonant.

The heart of his critique centers on a perceived lack of respect for the foundations laid by Disney and his father. Hand expresses his concern that the essence of these classic films is being diluted by the imposition of “woke” ideologies. In doing so, he finds it distressing and, quite frankly, insulting to see these revered creations being reshaped and reshuffled without consideration for the profound impact they have had on generations of audiences.

Ultimately, David Hand contends that his father and Walt Disney would be profoundly disappointed by the trajectory of the remake, suggesting that they would view it as a departure from the artistic vision and integrity they championed. As the remake navigates a new path, Hand’s sentiment serves as a reminder of the significance of preserving the essence and authenticity of beloved classics.


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