MrBeast gets Arrested by Police over a Prank he Pulled One Year Ago

The YouTube sensation with the largest following has found himself in handcuffs under the custody of law enforcement officers.

MrBeast, popularly known as Jimmy Donaldson, fell victim to a retaliation scheme orchestrated by fellow YouTube star Airrack, as payback for a prank MrBeast pulled on him over a year ago.

Donaldson played a prank on Airrack, whose real name is Eric Decker, by having one of Airrack’s producers pretend to resign and join MrBeast’s team.

Decker was deeply hurt when the prank unfolded and decided to orchestrate an even more elaborate scheme in return.

He enlisted the help of the New York City Police Department to make Donaldson believe he was in for a run-in with the law.

However, when the plan failed to materialize in New York City, they decided to execute it in MrBeast’s hometown in North Carolina.

The video, which has already accumulated over 646,000 views within hours of being uploaded to YouTube, captures the moment when the police pull over MrBeast’s Tesla.

Initially, they claimed it was due to the vehicle’s tinted windows, but then they informed him that there was an arrest warrant issued against him for “communicating threats.”

In the video, MrBeast can be seen stepping out of his Tesla and subsequently being handcuffed by the officers.

Initially, MrBeast appeared to find the whole ordeal amusing.

However, when an officer assisted him into the back of the police car and inquired if he had recently received any threats, Donaldson grew silent and refused to engage in conversation with the officer.

After being placed in a holding cell, the 25-year-old content creator was denied food and water and forced to wait for an extended period of time.

Eventually, MrBeast was informed that he could make a phone call.

Unbeknownst to him, the police officers dialed Airrack’s number. They revealed to his fellow YouTuber that the arrest had been an elaborate prank all along.

“I have someone here who needs to talk to you,” the police officer conveyed over the phone.

The officer then handed the phone to MrBeast for the big reveal.

Airrack greeted him and asked if he needed anything. MrBeast responded that he required his lawyer.

To this, Airrack replied, “James said he is currently speaking with Alan (MrBeast’s lawyer).” He proceeded to convey a message from “Alan” and instructed Donaldson to examine the police officer’s body camera.

“Alan advises you to take a look at the police officer’s body camera and say ‘I just got ‘got’ on Get Got,” Airrack relayed.

It was at this moment that MrBeast realized the entire incident had been an elaborate prank.

A grinning MrBeast later confessed in the video that he initially believed the prank was real.

“I thought, this might be a prank. I thought, this is a lot of resources for a prank. When I got in there, I thought, okay wait. Maybe this isn’t a prank,” he shared.

Watch below:

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