Man who Surgically went from 5’5″ to 6’0″ Says Woman are Suddenly All up in His DMs

Dynzell’s remarkable journey has been well-documented on TikTok, catapulting him to viral fame. The initial operation took place in December 2022 at Live Life Taller, a specialized limb lengthening surgery clinic based in Turkey.


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Describing the procedure, he explained, “The leg is surgically cut, and a metal rod is inserted into the leg, connecting it to an external metal rod. For 90 days, you turn the key on the external rod, which triggers the internal rod to gradually lengthen, stretching the bones and muscles. Once the desired height is achieved, the external metal device is removed, and the internal rod remains until the bone regrows, at which point it is also removed.”

March marked the date of his second surgery, and just last month, in May, he underwent the removal procedure. The entire process came with a price tag of €100,000.

Despite the pain he endured, Dynzell, a former Navy combat medic, exhibited remarkable resilience, engaging in extensive gym sessions lasting between three and eight hours daily. As he prepares to return home this week, he has noticed a distinct difference in the responses he receives from women compared to men.

“While I receive a fair share of negative feedback online, I’ve observed that most of it comes from men who claim to be tall but often have no profile picture or any real evidence,” Dynzell shared. “On the other hand, many women have actually been supportive, reaching out to me through direct messages, complimenting my appearance and how my newfound height suits me.”

Since his height increase, Dynzell has noticed a shift in the way women interact with him. Instead of having to pursue them, women now approach him with interest.

During his brief return home between surgeries, Dynzell experienced a surge of attention from women. He recalled the encounters, stating, “I received a lot more attention from women, and it was surprising to see how women who were previously strangers approached me. It was as if they could sense that something had changed, even though we had never met before. One woman even told me, ‘You ooze confidence. Your smile and demeanor radiate confidence.’ It was the first time I had ever heard such a comment, despite always considering myself a confident individual.”

Dynzell further reflected on the challenges he faced due to his shorter height in the past. He admitted, “While I never had difficulty attracting women, I often found myself having to pursue them. There was always a hurdle to overcome, a missed opportunity. Even if a woman was slightly taller than me, I hesitated to approach her, fearing that I would appear short in comparison. Additionally, going on dates was often uncomfortable. I would wear shoes with a bit of extra height or inserts to ensure that I wouldn’t be shorter than the person I was with, especially if she wore heels. Sometimes women would intentionally avoid wearing heels to avoid being taller than me. Now, those concerns are no longer a problem. Although I haven’t been on a date since the surgery, I am excited about the possibilities.”


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