Woman who Died for 14 Minutes Describes What She saw as She ‘Spent Five Years in Heaven’

A woman who shares a remarkable account of spending what felt like ‘five years’ in heaven has unveiled the profound revelations she experienced after being pronounced clinically dead.

Dr. Lynda Cramer had a brush with death in May 2001 when she was declared clinically dead for over 14 minutes.

However, despite the brevity of her time in our earthly realm, Lynda asserts that in the afterlife, it felt much longer.

In a YouTube video, Lynda recounted the extraordinary sequence of events. She described getting up to use the bathroom in her home in the United States and suddenly feeling a sensation of ‘floating.’

Recalling the incident, she elaborated, “My ex-husband came running in, and then two paramedics rushed in and immediately attended to my lifeless body in the bathroom. Here, I had no perception of time as I found myself floating in the living room.”

She continued, “According to the paramedic report, I was clinically dead for a confirmed 14 minutes.”

During her encounter with the afterlife, Lynda claims she could observe people entering the room and witness the events unfolding from above her own lifeless body. She mentioned that although she could see her body was not breathing, it did not cause any alarm to her.

Additionally, she asserts that she witnessed the presence of blue orbs traversing her home, emanating a ‘pure white energy’ within them. While paramedics scrambled to resuscitate her, Lynda, who holds a PhD in metaphysics, claims to have spent what felt like ‘five years’ in heaven.

Fortunately, Lynda survived the medical emergency and has since shared her vivid recollections of the afterlife. Among her profound experiences, she recalls beholding a mountain towering over 30,000 times higher than Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth.

In addition to the remarkable sights within her own abode, Lynda describes finding herself in a field adorned with an abundance of blooming flowers. “I was gazing upon a mountain range that was 30,000 times grander than Mount Everest,” she revealed. “There was an expansive mountain range situated in the backdrop of wherever I was.”

Lynda goes on to mention witnessing buildings adorned with towering skyscrapers, dwarfing even the grandeur of Dubai, which appeared as diminutive huts in comparison.

She describes gazing upon lakes and savoring a panoramic view of her surroundings. Moreover, she expresses engaging in conversations and interactions with people, seamlessly assuming their identities.

Lynda also shares that her journey into the afterlife provided her with a profound ‘life review,’ enabling her to witness various memories from her existence. Additionally, she claims that within this ethereal realm, she had the power to shape-shift and alter her form at will. As she whimsically stated, “If I desired to transform into a duck, I could effortlessly become one.”



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