Tina Turned Renounced Her American Citizenship, Here’s Why

A recent report has confirmed that her demise was a result of natural causes.

On Wednesday, at the age of 83, Turner succumbed to various health challenges, including a courageous battle with cancer, a stroke, and kidney complications. While her representatives have verified the news of her passing.

Interestingly, on March 9, during the observance of International World Kidney Day, the celebrated singer disclosed an alarming revelation that shed light on her vulnerability in the months preceding her death. In a heartfelt caption, Turner confessed, “My kidneys have fallen victim to my failure in acknowledging that my high blood pressure necessitated conventional medical treatment. I endangered myself by denying the reality that I required daily, lifelong therapy through medication. For far too long, I held the belief that my body was impervious and indestructible.”

As the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Turner confronted other significant health issues during her later years. Reports indicate that she suffered a stroke in 2013, and three years later, in 2016, she received a diagnosis of intestinal cancer. Determined to overcome these hurdles, Turner underwent a kidney transplant in April 2017.

Following her passing, a resurfaced video clip showcased Turner’s explanation for renouncing her US citizenship and relocating to Switzerland. She clarified that she departed America due to her achievements flourishing in another country.

At the time, Turner’s partner, German music executive Erwin Bach, had relocated to Switzerland for professional purposes. Turner expressed her longstanding desire to reside in Switzerland, and upon marrying Bach, she willingly relinquished her American citizenship to become a Swiss national.

Notably, the couple had been residing in Switzerland for several years before formalizing their union. In January 2022, they even purchased a Swiss “weekend retreat,” solidifying their connection to the picturesque nation.

The news of Turner’s demise was shared with the world via her official Instagram account on Wednesday. The heartfelt statement conveyed profound sadness and acknowledged the extraordinary impact Turner had on millions of fans worldwide.

Her music served as an enchanting force, inspiring countless individuals, including aspiring stars. The message concluded with a heartfelt expression of condolences to Turner’s family and a poignant farewell to the beloved icon. In the statement’s closing words, Turner’s immeasurable contribution to the world through her music was acknowledged, ensuring that her legacy would live on. The loss of Tina Turner will undoubtedly be felt deeply by her admirers across the globe.


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