Taylor Swift’s BF Matty Healy Kisses Security Guard During His Concert

When it comes to Matty Healy, the lead vocalist of The 1975, even the absence of Taylor Swift doesn’t dampen his spirits.

In a remarkable display of gratitude, Matty surprised everyone by planting a spontaneous kiss on a security guard during his band’s electrifying performance at the NorthSide Festival in Denmark.

As The 1975 belted out their hit song, “Robbers,” the captivating melody resonated through the crowd. It was during this intense musical interlude that Matty locked eyes with a security guard stationed near the front of the stage. In a moment of pure connection and appreciation, Matty decided to seal it with a kiss.

The security guard, taken aback but clearly enjoying the unexpected gesture, responded enthusiastically and even returned for a second helping of affection.

While he may not have been able to enjoy a double dip, we can’t blame him—after all, Taylor Swift’s affections are a tough act to follow!

For those unfamiliar with Matty’s charming ways, it has become somewhat of a tradition for him to engage in random acts of kissing during live performances of “Robbers.”

However, it is worth noting that Matty has recently reserved his romantic endeavors for the one and only Taylor Swift.

Not only has he attended several of her concerts, but he has also had the pleasure of spending time with Taylor’s father during one of these occasions.

Furthermore, Matty and Taylor’s connection extends beyond the stage, as they have been spotted enjoying multiple dates around the vibrant streets of New York City and even collaborating in the recording studio. Their blossoming relationship has become a subject of fascination among fans and music enthusiasts alike.


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