Taylor Lautner and his Wife Taylor Lautner have Explained what their Friends call them to Tell them Apart

Taylor Lautner and his wife, Taylor Dome, have found a clever solution to avoid confusion caused by sharing the same name.

After getting married, Taylor Dome took on Taylor Lautner’s family name, resulting in both partners being called Taylor Lautner.

However, the couple devised a way for people to differentiate between them, with the actor going by “Taylor” and his wife opting for “Tay.”

The couple revealed their unique naming system during an interview on TODAY while promoting their new mental health podcast, The Squeeze.

During the interview, “Girl Tay” (Taylor Dome) explained, “We’ve kind of got ‘boy Tay,’ ‘girl Tay’ going on, and that was how they’d differentiate it. But now, I’m always ‘Girl Tay,’ and he’s always ‘Boy Tay,’ even when we’re not together.”


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