Police Officer who Tasered 95-Year-Old Woman has been Suspended from Duty with Pay

The police officer responsible for the distressing tasering incident involving a 95-year-old woman in Australia has been placed on suspension from duty with pay.

The incident occurred at Yallambee Lodge, a nursing home in Cooma, where Clare Nowland, a resident with limited mobility who relies on a walking frame, was subjected to a brutal taser attack by the police on May 17.

According to reports, Nowland had allegedly failed to comply with a request to drop a steak knife.

Following the use of the taser, she fell, hitting her head on the floor and sustaining critical injuries.

Nowland has since been transferred to Cooma District Hospital and is now receiving end-of-life care.

Her family has been by her side throughout this devastating ordeal, but they do not anticipate her survival.

The entire incident was captured on the body-worn camera of the involved officers and will serve as crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb has stated that she will not review the footage until all statements and additional evidence have been thoroughly examined.

Webb emphasized the importance of following a fair and impartial process before making any determinations.

The suspension of the police officer comes shortly after another distressing incident involving elderly individuals was brought to light.

A family released footage showing six police officers double-handcuffing an elderly woman at St Basil’s aged care home in Randwick in 2020. The family had previously sued the New South Wales police over the incident and received compensation in 2021.

However, in light of the recent savage tasering incident involving Clare Nowland in Cooma, Grahame’s family decided to make the 2020 footage public, highlighting the urgent need for accountability and proper treatment of elderly individuals in care homes.

As investigations into the tasering incident continue, further updates will be provided to ensure transparency and justice in this deeply concerning case.


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