Plus Size TikToker Slams Commenters Who Say Her Husband is Too Hot for Her

Body-positive influencer Alicia McCarvell, known as @aliciamccarvell on TikTok, has taken a stand against critics who made derogatory comments about her relationship, suggesting that her husband is too attractive to be with someone of her size.


We are late to this challenge, but we are here now ••

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The video received praise from numerous users on the platform, with one person commenting, “I love this response! Keep being the amazing person you are.” Another user expressed support by stating, “SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! And for what it’s worth, I saw the transition video and thought you looked stunning!” A third user shared, “You are the reason I am more comfortable with myself, with my husband, and he LOVES my new confidence!! Thank you so much!!”


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