People think Paris Hilton’s Voice Changed Mid-Interview from ‘Fake to Real’

Recently, a resurfaced interview with Ellen DeGeneres has gained popularity on TikTok, showcasing Hilton’s real voice.

In the clip, Paris and the talk show host converse about her upcoming wedding to her husband, Carter Reum.

At approximately 43 seconds in, Hilton drops her usual ‘LA girl’ voice and it becomes much deeper and more casual. Watch below:


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This isn’t the first time that Hilton has used her real voice.

When promoting her documentary, she candidly used her deeper tone while speaking to 7News, saying, “This entire time I have been playing a character so the world has never truly known who I am. I feel it’s time for the world to finally know how I was. I feel that I’ve been through so much.”

Hilton has been changing her image to be more “family” oriented since marrying her partner in 2021 and welcoming a baby via surrogacy in January 2022.

This includes dropping the fake voice that she has been using for years.

The former reality star wants to set the record straight so that her fans can know the “real” her. She admitted that she wanted to change her “legacy” and be remembered as the “businesswoman” she is, rather than an “airhead.”

“I don’t want to be remembered for some airhead, but the businesswoman I am,” Hilton said. “The real me is someone who is actually brilliant. I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just really good at pretending to be one.”

Hilton’s decision to drop the fake voice has been well-received by her fans, who appreciate her authenticity. Many have taken to social media to express their admiration for the former reality star and her new direction.

“I always knew she was more than just a dumb blonde,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I’m so happy that she’s finally showing the world her true self.”

Another fan wrote, “Paris Hilton is such an icon. I’m so glad that she’s embracing her real self and letting the world see who she really is.”

Hilton’s decision to be more authentic and drop the fake voice is an inspiration to many. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to pretend to be someone we’re not in order to be successful or loved. Being true to ourselves is the key to happiness and fulfillment in life.


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