People Disgusted after Finding Out what ‘Snowballing’ Is

The revelation of what snowballing entails has stirred both intrigue and repulsion among people, particularly within the Reddit community. This intimate activity, which is alien to many, involves the exchange of s**en between partners’ mouths, leading to a mixture that grows in size with each exchange, resembling the way a snowball accumulates snow as it rolls.

The concept is distinct from ‘c*m swapping’, a broader term used to describe the sharing of a mixture of s**en and saliva, regardless of its origin. Snowballing typically involves the person who initially ejaculated into their partner’s mouth, causing variations in the use of these terms.

The reactions on Reddit have been a mix of disgust and intrigue. Some individuals express their aversion, clearly stating their unwillingness to partake in such an activity. Others have shared a more positive outlook, finding the concept alluring and intriguing.

The term ‘pud’, which podcast host and sex columnist Dan Savage introduced in 1999, predates the terminology of snowballing. Interestingly, similar behavior can be observed in certain animals, such as male cichlid fish, who transfer s**rm into a female’s mouth to fertilize eggs, driven by reproductive motives.

For those curious about exploring snowballing, sexologist E. Michelle Thomas emphasizes the importance of safety, consent, and open communication. Prior to engaging in such activities, STI testing is recommended to ensure a healthy environment for all parties involved. Consent is crucial, and discussions around preferences should be open and honest.

To introduce the topic, lighthearted approaches like games such as ‘Truth or Dare – No Consequences’ can facilitate discussions of desires. Once consent is established, certain steps can enhance the experience. Suggestions include maintaining hydration, following a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and alcohol, as these factors can influence the taste of the mixture.

Hey, you learn something new everyday, i guess…


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