‘Passport Bro’ Only Dates Overseas and Gives Three Reasons Why it’s Easier than Dating in the US

Austin Abeyta, known as @digital_bromad on TikTok, has become a viral sensation for showcasing his adventurous life of remote work and international travel.

Along the way, he has also managed to date women from various countries, earning him the title of a ‘passport bro.’

While the term may have some negative connotations associated with it, Austin offers a more positive perspective on his experiences.

With over 414,000 followers on TikTok, he targets Americans who are dissatisfied with their local dating scene and presents three reasons why dating abroad is easier than in the United States.

In one of his posts, Austin highlights the allure of American men being seen as ‘exotic’ in other countries. He humorously mentions, “I know it sounds crazy, but you have an accent.”

According to him, the American accent, though often criticized, adds a certain charm and excitement to conversations, making them more engaging and captivating. He believes that this perceived exoticism allows for lighter and more enjoyable interactions, as it fuels curiosity about each other’s cultures.

Another advantage Austin mentions is the “stereotype” that all Americans are “rich”.

Austin shares his personal experience, stating that he would need to earn four times his current income to maintain the same standard of living if he resided in the United States.

As with any popular content creator, Austin receives a mix of responses to his lifestyle.

While some admire and aspire to emulate his adventurous approach, others express unease or skepticism.

Some comments express concerns about the intention behind solely seeking relationships in other countries, particularly those with lower socioeconomic statuses.

Watch the controversial video below:


Passport bros are right, dating overseas is easier for a variety of reasons. Here are three important ones passportbros passportboys singlelife

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In summary the digital nomad and TikToker known as @digital_bromad, has gained significant attention for his remote work and international dating experiences.

Although the term ‘passport bro’ may carry negative associations, Austin offers a more positive perspective, emphasizing the appeal of being seen as ‘exotic’ abroad and the financial benefits of living in countries with lower costs of living.

While his content receives a range of reactions, Austin remains committed to promoting his unique lifestyle as a valid and exciting option for those seeking alternative dating experiences beyond their local scene.


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