Lana Del Rey Stops Concert to Ask Audience if they’ve Seen Her Vape

In the midst of a recent concert, Lana Del Rey, known for her soulful melodies, paused the performance in a comical moment to inquire if anyone in the audience had spotted her misplaced vape.

While promoting vaping is not encouraged, one can’t help but admire Del Rey’s determination to recover her lost e-cigarette.

This incident occurred during her headline performance at Brazil’s MITA music festival, held in Sao Paulo. The Grammy award-winning artist showcased her signature style, with her flowing brunette locks, elegant long nails, and a stunning floral dress adorned with multiple ruffles.

In a playful Southern Belle accent, Del Rey addressed the crowd, saying, “And also if you see my vape onstage, can you find my vape?”

Eager to assist, her devoted fans swiftly located the e-cigarette. The Born to Die musician swiftly yanked the microphone out of its stand and scurried over to retrieve her beloved vape.

“Did you?” she called out to the crowd as she peered down from the main stage. However, her hopes were shattered when it became evident that the device had found its way to the depths of the pit.

Known for her seductive voice, Del Rey responded to the disappointing news with a more candid choice of words. “F**k it,” she exclaimed as she made her way to the back of the stage, resuming her performance undeterred.

The amusing incident was captured on video and swiftly circulated on Twitter, captivating audiences worldwide. Fans praised the 37-year-old artist for her authenticity on stage, and the clip garnered thousands of views online.

One fan even jestingly remarked, “She’s just like me fr fr.” Others echoed this sentiment, with one fan stating, “Lana is always so real; we love her for that.”

Some enthusiasts even labeled the moment as “iconic,” appreciating Del Rey’s country accent, the way she grasped the microphone, and her nonchalant “f**k it” response. This incident only adds to her reputation, despite her well-known inclination for smoking on stage and in her music videos.

Fans had a similar reaction when the “Summertime Sadness” singer strategically placed the only billboard for her new album in her ex-partner’s hometown, a move that some considered petty.

Unlike other artists whose billboards are scattered across various locations, Del Rey’s advertisement for her album, “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” was exclusively displayed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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