Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Business Partner is ‘Financially Ruined’ and is Living in His Car

Kim Kardashian’s former business associate has spoken out about his dire financial situation, claiming that he is “financially ruined” and currently living in his car as a result of a contentious deal made between him and the reality star.

David Liebensohn, 43, was part of the team that helped develop the highly successful Kardashian-themed emoji app, Kimoji, which generated a staggering $1 million in just one minute.

Liebensohn’s contributions to the app were acknowledged by rapper Kanye West, Kardashian’s ex-husband, in his song “Facts”, where he raps, “Kimoji just shut down the app store! And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute!”

However, Liebensohn’s relationship with Kardashian soured when he sued her for $300 million in 2019, accusing her of stealing his idea for the app and running away with the trademark.

He claims that he did not receive any share of the fortune made from the app, which he helped create.

Kardashian’s team, on the other hand, maintains that Liebensohn voluntarily signed away all rights to the app, granting Kardashian “unfettered” ownership of Kimoji.

In fact, an arbitrator and an LA Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Kardashian in 2020, rejecting Liebensohn’s claims, as per Kardashian’s representative.

Despite the legal setback, Liebensohn has been candid about his financial struggles and has taken to social media to share his story, stating that he “refuses to be gagged” any longer.

He has posted videos on Instagram and TikTok where he can be seen holding a cardboard sign that reads, “Kim Kardashian ruined my”

Liebensohn has revealed that he lost his home, his $2 million business, and his family, and is now living in his 2011 Toyota Prius to save on rent, using gym showers for hygiene.

Reflecting on his decision to publicly share his grievances, Liebensohn said, “I thought people might want to know about this story, what have I got to lose right now by telling it? I’m literally sleeping in my car. I might as well put all this in a story that people can maybe make some sense out of, and see what happens.”

He also admitted that he still harbors a deep resentment towards Kardashian, blaming her and her family for his current predicament.

“I blame them for all of it. Because before I met them, I was on a positive trajectory. After that, everything that I’d worked for started going downhill to the point where I’m now sleeping in my car. They’re 1,000% to blame,” Liebensohn said.

In addition to the financial strain, Liebensohn revealed that the fallout from the lawsuit also took a toll on his personal life.

He lost his wife, and his children faced difficulties at school as they had previously idolized Kardashian and her family. Liebensohn’s story sheds light on the aftermath of a failed business partnership and the impact it can have on one’s livelihood and well-being.

While Kardashian’s representative has dismissed Liebensohn’s claims and pointed to the legal rulings in favor of Kardashian, Liebensohn remains resolute in sharing his side of the story.

As he continues to live out of his car, he hopes that speaking out will shed light on his situation and bring awareness to the challenges he has faced since his falling out with Kardashian.

The reality star is yet to comment.


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