Johnny Depp Speaks Out in Surprise Interview

After a turbulent couple of years in the headlines, in looks like Johnny Depp has now settled back into a more quiet lifestyle in the English countryside.

Known for being a Hollywood trailblazer and staring in action packed movies such as Pirates of The Caribbean, his new lifestyle might take you by surprise.

And in a new interview, the 59 year-old actor gave fans an insight into what his life looks like in 2023.

Talking to English publication Somerset life, he insisted he isn’t ‘the great extrovert that people think,’ and opened up about more about his now laid back lifestyle.

Residing currently in his $14.5 million West Country estate which he bought in 2014, his house boasts 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 850 acres. Not too shabby.

Johnny told the magazine, ”I just love places with character. British people are cool and will greet you as if you are a neighbour — without going over the top. I like going to places, seeing things and meeting people — but I’m not the great extrovert that people think.”

He added: ”In truth, I’m quite a shy person. That’s one of the great things about Britain, and especially Somerset. I can just be me — and that’s nice.”

”I can go into shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies. I don’t mind that up to a point, but sometimes it gets a little too crowded.”

Last month it had been reported that Depp had left America to live in London, living with friends. He had previously been staying with his friend Jeff Beck the guitarist in Sussex. But when Beck died last month at the age of 78 Depp moved to London.

Depp recently made the headlines for his new, and somewhat unlikely career path into painting.

The actor had been unleashing his creative side, painting and selling portraits well-known faces, including Heath Ledger and Bob Marley, and have reportedly fetched $5 million in the first week.

“For many years, I really held myself strictly to just the day job of the film business, even though in my heart and forever I’ve been a musician, and I’ve always needed to escape into a blank piece of paper, whether it be writing, drawing or painting a blank canvas,” Depp says in a release.

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