Husband of Bride Killed on Wedding Night Opens Up on the Moment he was Told Wife Died

Aric Hutchinson, who tragically lost his wife on their wedding day in a collision caused by a drunk driver, has opened up about his emotions following the accident.

On April 28, immediately after Aric and Samantha Hutchinson exchanged vows at a venue in Folly Beach, South Carolina, a car driven by 25-year-old Jamie Komoroski collided with the golf cart carrying the newlyweds and two other family members. Komoroski has since been charged with three counts of driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury/death and one count of reckless homicide.

In the crash, Samantha lost her life, while Aric and another passenger sustained severe injuries.

A toxicology report revealed that Komoroski was three times above the legal alcohol limit and was driving at a speed of 65mph in a 25mph zone.

In a statement, the lawyers representing Samantha’s family expressed their condolences and urged against hasty judgments. They emphasized the importance of allowing the justice system to uncover all the facts, relying on principles of justice and mercy.

Aric, who has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Komoroski and several local establishments that served her alcohol that night, has now publicly shared his initial thoughts on the tragic incident. In an emotional interview with Good Morning America, he recounted the final conversation he had with Samantha before the crash.

“I do remember the last thing I remember her saying was she wanted the night to never end,” he said.

Recalling the aftermath of the collision, Aric described waking up in a foggy and disoriented state, seeing his mother’s distressed face, and desperately asking about Samantha’s whereabouts. It was at that moment that he received the devastating news of her passing.

When asked if he had a message for Komoroski, Aric replied, “No, I can’t right now. She stole something… she stole an amazing human being that should not have been taken.” The lawsuit also implicates Komoroski’s employer and supervisor, accusing them of pressuring her to attend an event and consume excessive amounts of alcohol on the fateful night. Komoroski’s employer denied the existence of an officially organized employee function involving drinking and clarified that Komoroski was still in the early stages of training for the job.

Currently, Aric is focusing on his recovery and cherishing the cherished memories of his life with Samantha.

He has moved back into the apartment they shared, where he still feels her presence. “It’s hard, but it’s also nice. It’s got Sam written all over the house,” he shared.

Aric finds solace in believing that Samantha is watching over him from above and can envision her amused at his attempts to navigate the stairs to the third floor, as it was her decision to reside there.

RIP Samantha.


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