Harry Potter Fans Demand Reboot Casts Black Actor to Play Hermione Granger

Fans of the Harry Potter series are calling for a reboot that features a Black actor playing the role of Hermione Granger.

In April, HBO Max and Discovery+ announced that they would be releasing a television series based on the beloved books on Warner Bros’ streaming service, Max, with a completely new cast.

The plan is to create a “faithful” adaptation of the Harry Potter books, with each season dedicated to one of the seven books.

During a press conference, HBO Chief Casey Bloys confirmed that J.K. Rowling would serve as the executive producer of the show.

While the release date and cast lineup have yet to be announced, Twitter users, known for their astute comments, ignited a debate online about the importance of diversity in the new adaptation.

Some speculate whether Rowling intends to embrace diversity in casting, similar to what was done for the stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

One user commented on the potential casting choice, saying, “The writers on the HBO Harry Potter series when they realize that the new Hermione actress is going to be black and they need to find a way to justify her being called a ‘mudblood’ and being laughed at for being anti-slavery.”

Another user pointed out the irony, stating, “I hate race swapping characters to pacify snowflakes’ feelings… Funny now the same people who like that s*** are the same ones complaining Hermione might be black in the new Harry Potter series… Ironic, huh?”

A third user chimed in, saying, “It’s quite funny. They chose to have a black Hermione because of ‘Diversity.’ They probably were casting only black girls for this. True Diversity would be casting everyone, no matter the skin color and choosing the one with the most talent.”

Amidst the ongoing debate, a majority of fans are expressing their support for a Black actor portraying Hermione’s character.

One user stated, “I want them to hire a Black trans actress as Hermione in the new Harry Potter series.”

Another user added, “Sorry to disappoint some of you, but I’d love to see a Black Hermione in the upcoming Harry Potter TV series. @jk_rowling even likes it. There was already a Black woman playing Hermione in the theatrical play, and JK loved it.”

However, there has been no official confirmation from the production house regarding the inclusion of diversity in the new show.

Nonetheless, many fans are eager to see a more diverse cast in the upcoming adaptation, embracing the potential for representation and inclusion.


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