Friends of Al Pacino’s Pregnant Girlfriend Insists She’s Not a ‘Gold Digger’

The news of Al Pacino expecting a child at the age of 83 has sparked a significant debate among the public.

It was recently announced that his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, is pregnant, and they have been together for at least a year.

Unfortunately, some individuals have resorted to mean-spirited comments following their joyful announcement, labeling Alfallah as a ‘gold digger’ due to her relationships with older men.

These remarks were fueled by her previous association with Mick Jagger when he was 74 and she was 22, as well as her connection to billionaire Nicolas Berggruen in the same year.

However, those who claim to be close to the 29-year-old have come to her defense, vehemently refuting the allegations that she only pursues relationships with older, wealthy men.

A person who knew Noor during her time with The Rolling Stones rockstar emphasized that she is not a ‘gold digger’ and described her as a genuinely decent individual.

Another individual close to Alfallah praised her character, describing her as a good-hearted person with a youthful spirit and a fun-loving nature. They noted that being around her would make an older man feel youthful, highlighting her generosity of spirit…

Furthermore, a third source revealed that Noor Alfallah is not an opportunist and expressed her affinity for older individuals, finding them fascinating. They mentioned her close bond with Ratner’s grandmother, even accompanying her and Ratner to his grandmother’s cataract surgery.

While the exact stage of her pregnancy is unclear, TMZ reported that she is approximately eight months along.

Fans quickly calculated that at the age of 83, Al Pacino will be 101 years old when their child reaches the age of 18.

Pacino already has three children from previous relationships.

He shares two children with Beverly D’Angelo, whom he dated from 1997 to 2003, and has another child with Jan Tarrant, born in 1989.

Al Pacino joins a list of other A-list celebrities who have chosen to have children later in life. Robert De Niro, currently 79 years old, recently welcomed his seventh child. During an interview, when questioned about his six kids, De Niro corrected the reporter, revealing that he now has seven children.


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