Denzel Washington Returns in ‘The Equalizer 3’ as New Trailer Drops

The latest installment of The Equalizer series brings back the incomparable Denzel Washington in a thrilling new trailer that promises action-packed excitement.

Robert McCall, played by Washington, returns to the screen with his signature blend of deadly skills and unwavering determination to take down the bad guys in The Equalizer 3, which reunites him with Dakota Fanning, his co-star from the 2004 film Man on Fire.

After almost 20 years, Washington and Fanning share the screen once again, teaming up in another adrenaline-fueled action movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, who also helmed the first two films in the series as well as Training Day.

In the newly released trailer, we see McCall attempting to unwind in southern Italy, only to discover that his friends have fallen victim to local crime bosses.

True to form, McCall takes matters into his own hands and dispenses justice with his trademark lethal precision, dispatching the villains in a hail of gunfire.

The Equalizer 3 was confirmed by Washington himself last year, when he revealed in January 2022 that the script had been completed and he had been training rigorously for his action scenes.

The results are evident in the trailer, which showcases Washington’s physical prowess as he takes on the bad guys with an array of weapons, including a wine bottle turned makeshift weapon in one exhilarating scene.

While the trailer suggests that this may be the “final chapter” of the series, fans of Washington’s portrayal of McCall should never say never when it comes to the fate of action heroes. In fact, there has been speculation about potential crossovers with other popular action franchises, such as John Wick, with Keanu Reeves expressing enthusiasm for the idea. While it may be a long shot, fans can always dream of seeing their favorite action stars team up on the big screen.

However, the production of The Equalizer 3 has not been without its challenges. Last year, the production crew’s hotel was raided by police, resulting in the arrest of two members of the catering crew and the seizure of over 100 grams of cocaine. The raid was prompted by the unfortunate death of a catering service member who suffered a heart attack while providing food for the production. Despite these obstacles, the film has pushed forward, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

The trailer for The Equalizer 3 has generated excitement among fans, who have taken to social media expressing their eagerness to see Washington back in action.

With its fast-paced sequences, intense fight scenes, and Washington’s commanding presence, the trailer has only heightened anticipation for the film’s release.

Mark your calendars for September 1st, when The Equalizer 3 is set to hit cinemas. As fans eagerly await the return of Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, one thing is for sure – there will be no shortage of heart-pounding action and edge-of-your-seat thrills in this highly anticipated film.

Watch the trailer below:

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