Colin Jost Couldn’t Recover from Michael Che’s Brutal April Fool Joke

April Fool’s Day is a notorious holiday where jokes and pranks are aplenty.

However, many of these jokes fall flat and are generally cringe-worthy.

On this year’s Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Michael Che showed everyone how to pull off an April Fool’s Day joke in a fantastic and surprising way.

Che managed to fool his co-host Colin Jost, causing him to be torqued up by the joke for the rest of the episode.

The dynamic duo took their customary turns firing off jokes, but with contrasting results.

Jost’s jokes received only a smattering of lukewarm chuckles, while Che’s jokes were greeted with an enthused response.

After a few rounds of this, an audience member shouted, “You stink!” Jost’s reaction was immediate and downcast.

After a brief pause, Che finally revealed his plot, saying, “I told them not to laugh at you for April Fool’s.”

Jost admitted that he had been questioning whether his mic was turned on or if “I just suck.”

Che tried to move the segment on with a joke about Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Joker, but Jost was not ready for it. He interjected, “You’re evil!”

Jost wasn’t finished yet. Throughout the rest of the segment, he kept repeating, “That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me,” and “I’m covered in sweat,” and “I’m shaking.”

The prank had clearly taken a toll on Jost, leaving him in a state of shock.

It was a surprising and fantastic prank that showed Michael Che’s comedic skills.

Poor Colin Jost, on the other hand, was left torqued up and unable to recover from the joke. Che had managed to pull off a great April Fool’s Day prank that left the audience in stitches and Jost in a state of shock.


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