Ben Shapiro is Now Upset because a White Person isn’t Playing Snow White

Ben Shapiro, the conservative commentator, has once again found himself expressing his views on children’s films, this time focusing his attention on the casting of Snow White. Just weeks after his critique of the Barbie film, which proved to be incorrect as the movie performed well at the box office, Shapiro has turned his sights on Disney’s decision to cast a Latin actor as Snow White.

The upcoming live-action remake of the classic animated film will feature Rachel Zegler, a 22-year-old actor of Colombian and Polish descent, in the role of the iconic princess. Zegler is known for her performances in productions like West Side Story and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Shapiro took issue with this casting choice, suggesting, “They’ve cast Snow White. Snow White is now going to be played by Rachel Zegler. OK?”

While acknowledging that some might find his viewpoint controversial, Shapiro pointed out the historical context of the character’s name. He highlighted that Snow White’s original fairytale description specified “skin white as snow.”

He further emphasized, “The word ‘white’ is literally in her name. That’s why she has her name. So I guess just to, like, screw with people, they’re casting – Rachel Zegler’s a very talented person. It’s weird casting, you might say.”

Shapiro’s comments sparked reactions, and fellow conservative pundit and colleague from the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh, also criticized the casting on his show. He labeled it as “anti-white racism.”

Despite the backlash, Rachel Zegler’s casting announcement and behind-the-scenes images from the production have ignited fresh conversations surrounding the film. Among the responses, one individual succinctly summed up the situation, suggesting that these critics might benefit from considering alternative perspectives: “Have these guys considered getting a f***ing life.”


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Shapiro’s opinions have become notable in the media landscape, often garnering attention and reactions from both supporters and critics. While his viewpoints reflect his perspective, they have also drawn attention to broader discussions about representation, diversity, and cultural inclusion in the entertainment industry.


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