Anne Heche Laid to Rest Almost a Year After She Died

On Mother’s Day, Anne Heche was laid to rest in a heartfelt ceremony attended by those who cherished her the most.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Cathedral Mausoleum, a prestigious location reserved for renowned figures in the entertainment industry, became her final resting place.

A representative for Anne expressed gratitude on behalf of her children and her legacy, acknowledging the overwhelming support and love received during this challenging time.

The representative conveyed their appreciation for the opportunity to honor Anne’s memory on Mother’s Day, recognizing her profound passion and love for everyone she encountered.

Following her passing in August of the previous year due to a tragic car accident, Anne’s remains were cremated.

Sources reveal that her crypt is situated across from legendary artists Chris Cornell and Johnny Ramone, while being adjacent to Mickey Rooney.

This serene location offers a picturesque view of the lake within the tranquil Garden of Legends, forming a befitting final resting place for the beloved actress.

Anne’s son, Homer, expressed immense pride in his mother’s inclusion among the mausoleum walls at Hollywood Forever. He acknowledged her esteemed peers within the industry and considered it a testament to her remarkable career.

The ceremony held on Mother’s Day was undoubtedly an emotional occasion, allowing Anne’s loved ones to bid their final farewells and pay tribute to her enduring spirit. As she takes her place among the Hollywood greats, Anne Heche’s memory and legacy continue to resonate with those who cherished her, forever remembered for her passionate and deep love for others.



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