Woody Harrelson Confirms Matthew McConaughey might be his Biological Brother and Calls for DNA Test

In a surprising turn of events, Woody Harrelson has confirmed the long-standing speculation that Matthew McConaughey might be his biological brother, and he has called for a DNA test to put the rumors to rest.

The confirmation came during Harrelson’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he was promoting his new show White House Plumbers.

Harrelson, 61, shared the intriguing story that led him to believe McConaughey could be his brother. “Well, I’ll just say there is some veracity to that thought because we talked to Ma’ Mac, Matthew’s legitimate mother, and she let us know one time… I mean, this is crazy,” Harrelson revealed. “We were in Greece watching the U.S. team win the World Cup and I don’t know, I mentioned something about regrets. And I said, ‘You know, it’s odd that my father has no regrets.’ And I have known Ma’ Mac a long time, and she goes, ‘I knew… your father.’ And it was the ellipses I found a little troubling, or interesting. ‘I knew your father.'”

With this revelation from McConaughey’s mother, pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place for Harrelson. He continued, “The year of [McConaughey’s] birth, nine months before, she was on a sabbatical from her relationship with his supposed father, Jim.” This newfound information seemed to support McConaughey’s own previous statement that “[Harrelson’s] dad was on furlough at the same time that my mom and dad were in their second divorce. Then there’s possible receipts and places out in West Texas where there might have been a gathering, or a meeting, or a ‘knew’ moment.”

While Harrelson is eager to get a DNA test to put the matter to rest, McConaughey seems to be more hesitant. “We want to go for a [DNA] test, but for him, it’s a much more big deal,” Harrelson explained. “I mean, he feels like he is losing a father. But I’m like, no, you’re gaining a different father and a brother.” McConaughey himself expressed similar sentiments in an interview earlier this month, stating, “Look, it’s a little easier for Woody to say, ‘Come on, let’s do [DNA tests],’ because what’s the skin in it for him? It’s a little harder for me because he’s asking me to take a chance to go, ‘Wait a minute, you’re trying to tell me my dad may not be my dad after 53 years of believing that?’ I got a little more skin in the game.”

Despite the potential emotional complexities, the two actors are reuniting in an upcoming Apple TV comedy called Brother from Another Mother, which seems particularly fitting given the recent revelations. In the show, Harrelson and McConaughey will be playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they bring their two families to live under one roof on a Texas ranch. The show promises to be a comedic exploration of the unique bond that these two actors share, whether it be through blood ties or not.

As the mystery of their potential brotherhood continues to unfold, fans of both Harrelson and McConaughey are eagerly awaiting the results of the DNA test that Harrelson has called for.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s clear that the bond between these two actors runs deep, and their upcoming show Brother from Another Mother is sure to be a must-watch for fans and curious onlookers alike. Only time will tell the truth behind this surprising revelation, but for now, the speculation and anticipation continue to grow.

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