Woman Passes Her Driving Test on Her 960th Try After Spending Almost $13,500

If you didn’t pass your driving text the first time around, fear not, you’re not alone!

In fact, one woman in particular, took learning to drive to a whole new level.

Cha Sa-soon, 69, from South Korea, has finally passed her driving test after trying 960 times and spending almost €12,500 ($13,468.56) in the process.

How long has she been learning you might wonder – Well, she actually began with her written text first back in 2005, but unfortunately failed.

Following this, she remained undeterred, and continued to retake the test every day, five days a week, for three years, with a total of 780 attempts.

Credit: Youtube

After three years, she then took the test twice a week until she eventually passed!

Next was the practical test, which actually took a lot less time to ace, taking her 10 attempts before she was successful. Quite a drop from the earlier 780.

According to reports, she spent a pretty penny in the process, totalling almost $ 13,500 to secure her driving license.

Her driving instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School expressed his relief when she finally got the license.

“When she finally got her license, we all went out cheering and hugged her, giving her flowers. It felt like a huge burden falling off our backs. We hadn’t had the guts to tell her to quit because she kept showing up,” he said.

Despite the long journey it took to get where she is today, Cha Sa-soon became a national celebrity in South Korea after several attempts at taking the test.

She even appeared in a Hyundai commercial, and the South Korean car manufacturer gifted her a brand new vehicle worth around $14,000.

If you were looking for a sign to not give up, then maybe this is it!

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