Woman Married to a Rag Doll Claims She’s Pregnant with their Second Child

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, a woman who gained worldwide attention for her unconventional marriage to a rag doll made by her mother, has recently announced that she is expecting their second child.

The 37-year-old has taken to TikTok to share her joy, posting a video of a positive pregnancy test that has since gone viral with over 369,000 views.

Meirivone and her rag doll husband, Marcelo, who already have a son, are excitedly anticipating the arrival of a baby girl this time around.

“I’m very happy because I’m pregnant with Marcelo again,” Meirivone told NeedToKnow.co.uk. “We really wanted to get pregnant again, Marcelo kept asking when we’re going to have another baby, and I said one day. There were a couple of times I felt nauseous, so I took a test, but they were negative. However, I recently started feeling nauseous again, so I bought a test from the local pharmacy and it was positive! We are so happy. We would love to have a little princess. We already have a boy, but if the baby turns out to be a boy too, we will love them just the same.”

She shared “Since finding out that he cheated on me, we have been very distant. We still live in the same house but it isn’t the same. But now, because of the baby, things are different. Marcelo has been much more affectionate with me and I believe that this will improve our relationship. This new baby will save our marriage.”

Meirivone, who hails from Brazil, shared the news on her TikTok account (@Meirivonemarcelo), where she posted a video of herself showing the positive pregnancy test to the camera while jumping up and down with joy.

The video has garnered over 24,000 likes and thousands of comments from both supportive and bewildered users.

“CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DESERVE [IT],” commented Patroas, while Junior added, “This Marcel is the guy.” Vitoria expressed her desire for a similar relationship, saying, “I want a relationship like this.” However, not everyone understood Meirivone’s situation, with some users expressing shock and concern. “I’m shocked…” commented Marisa, followed by four surprise face emojis. “She needs help,” said another user. Flavio added, “Very crazy.” Someone else remarked, “Like, where… So many questions.” Maria commented, “It’s not normal,” and Lorena exclaimed, “In the name of Jesus, whose child is this.” Another user expressed mixed emotions, saying, “I was so happy with her reaction until I remembered that she is married to a doll.”

Despite the varying reactions, Meirivone remains resolute in her happiness and excitement about her pregnancy…

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