Woman Completely Stops doing Housework after her Husband Tells Her She does Nothing

A TikTok user made a bold decision to cease all housework after her husband claimed she did nothing around the house. Seeking revenge, she documented the outcome on TikTok.

In the video, she showcased her untidy home, filled with dirty dishes and rooms desperately in need of cleaning.

The caption read, “Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor.” Little did she know that her video would go viral, attracting millions of views.

In a subsequent video, her husband joined her to provide an explanation and expressed his remorse for his previous comment.

It seemed that they were both able to find humor in their newfound viral fame.

Donnelly shared another video jokingly stating that she might “accidentally roast” someone in a TikTok video and have seven million people join in on the fun. Since its release, the original video’s viewer count skyrocketed to nearly 13 million.

Adding another layer to the mix, Donnelly posted yet another video where she playfully “roasted” her “almost perfect husband,” noting that he cleans more diligently than she does on a daily basis.

While many viewers found the situation amusing, not all of the comments were lighthearted.

Some suggested that she should consider divorcing her husband.

Others shared their own experiences and opinions on her decision to cease housework entirely.

One person admitted that they would love to try it themselves but feared it would drive them crazy. Another individual confessed to attempting a similar experiment but inadvertently threw out their rubbish a few hours later due to absent-mindedness.

There were also suggestions from those who had taken a similar approach for six months.

They proposed that Donnelly should have gathered all the discarded clothes and dumped them on her husband’s side of the bedroom.

In another account, someone shared their own experience of going through a similar situation. Their partner fell ill and, upon taking over the housework, realized that it was far more challenging than they had initially believed.

While the TikTok video brought attention and sparked diverse reactions, it seems that Lindsay Donnelly and her husband have found a way to laugh it off.

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