Whoopi Goldberg Blames ‘American Idol’ for the ‘Beginning of the Downfall of Society’

Whoopi Goldberg, the host of “The View,” believes that while “American Idol” may have propelled the careers of numerous music superstars, it is also responsible for the “commencement of the downfall of society.”

Goldberg voiced her opinion during a Wednesday morning discussion on the show, centered around Netflix’s recently released documentary on Anna Nicole Smith.

The conversation revolved around whether the documentary should exist and the fascination society holds for judging others.

In fact, Goldberg pinpointed the precise moment when this trend began to take hold.

Turning to executive producer Brian Teta for assistance, she asked, “You know, I’ve always thought that the commencement of the downfall of society was with, um, what’s the name of that show?” Teta promptly responded with “ABC’s ‘American Idol’?” leading to laughter from the audience and the other women on the panel, considering that “The View” airs on the same network.

Goldberg clarified that “American Idol” was not always an ABC show, which is indeed accurate.

The competition series aired its first 15 seasons on Fox, concluding in 2016.

ABC revived the show in 2018 with new judges, and it has been airing on the Walt Disney Company network ever since.

“Once we provided people with the power to judge others, I believe we lost control of it,” she remarked. “And it has spiraled out of control.”

Co-host Joy Behar sought further clarification on Goldberg’s statement, prompting her to elaborate on her point.

“They invited the public to determine who should succeed,” Goldberg explained. “And I think that action set us on a never-ending cycle, which we haven’t… Did you just do that?”

It remains uncertain what Goldberg was referring to specifically, as she appeared to address Teta, who was off-screen. He tried to interject by stating that “American Idol” is now “better” for Goldberg and that she enjoys it. Presumably, this is because the show now belongs to her parent network…

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