Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Tackles Contestant in Incredibly Bizarre Moment

To say Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak left fans confused with this bizarre moment would be a huge understatement.

It all started with the show running smoothly as usually for 76-year-old long-time Wheel of Fortune host on Tuesdays episode; But things soon took a very confusing turn that shocked viewers.

Credit: Wheel Of Fortune – Youtube

The episode’s star player, named Fred, revealed to the host that he has a bunch of talents, including being a bar trivia host, working as a drama teacher and a professional wrestler.

One lets just say that one talent grabbed his attention more than the others…

Now, it was a pretty successful night for Fred as he won numerous rounds during the Hawaii-themed episode. He solved the ‘Pineapple upside-down cake’ puzzle for starters and was on a roll from there.

Fred’s clean sweep meant he was able to progress to the final round with $5,700 in the bank. The two other guests could barely get a word in edgewise and Sajak gave an hilarious apology to them before jokingly calling Fred a ‘brute’ for taking over as the strongest contestant.

“To you two, I want to say it happens sometimes – someone just gets really hot,” Sajak says.

Credit: Wheel Of Fortune – Youtube

“Just because he’s a professional wrestler… You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that.”

Fred shocked the audience, and even the host, as he took home an extra $40,000 after guessing the final phrase ‘His mind is wandering’ correctly and Sajak, who has hosted the show since 1981.

In keeping with his promise to the two other unfortunate guests from earlier, Sajak grabbed and tried to tackle Fred as a cheeky bit of payback.

As Fred revealed earlier that he gets paid ‘very little’ to take part in the sport, and he likes to wrestle ‘for the fun,’ Sajak saw him as an easy enough opponent, and attempted to bodyslam him.

Viewers found it hilarious, and so did Fred, who managed to take home an impressive $75,800 earnings.

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