Twitch Bans Most-Subscribed Streamer Kai Cenat

Twitch has issued a sudden ban to Kai Cenat, a prominent streamer who has quickly risen to fame since starting out in 2021.

Cenat, known for breaking subscriber records previously held by Ludwig and Ninja, with a staggering 306,621 all-time peak active subscriptions, and for his successful YouTube channel with 3.57 million subscribers, has now faced his second ban from Twitch in just a few months.

The 21-year-old streamer took to Instagram to announce the ban, stating, “BANNED ONCE AGAIN ON TWITCH.” While the duration of the ban remains unclear, Cenat’s past bans on Twitch have typically lasted no longer than three days, with one exception of a 30-day ban over a year ago.

Cenat said he was 'banned once again'. Credit: Instagram/@kaicenat

Twitch has cited a violation of its community guidelines or terms of service as the reason for Cenat’s ban, though no specific explanation has been provided.

A message on Cenat’s Twitch channel simply states, “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Some fans have speculated that the ban may have been prompted by one of Cenat’s recent videos, such as when he opened a gift from rival platform Kick, or when he rode a dirt bike indoors, which could be considered endangerment and glorifying actions that could lead to physical harm, both of which are against Twitch’s community guidelines.

Cenat has had his fair share of on-screen mishaps in the past, including passing out mid-stream after consuming cannabis snacks in front of thousands of viewers, and a controversial moment during a marathon streaming session at his ‘Mafiathon House’.

During the stream, approximately 100,000 viewers witnessed influencer and model Chicachicaduhhh’s arm appearing to move near Cenat’s crotch, leading to speculation about inappropriate behavior.

However, Cenat later clarified that Chicachicaduhhh was simply scratching his upper thigh, demonstrating on his leg and explaining that it only appeared suspicious due to its proximity to his crotch.

Despite the ban, Cenat remains determined, sharing on Instagram, “CAN’T STOP ME.” His meteoric rise to fame as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber has earned him a large and devoted following, and his comedic skits, pranks, and celebrity interactions continue to captivate audiences.

As the streaming landscape evolves and platforms enforce their community guidelines more strictly, Cenat’s ban serves as a reminder to content creators to be mindful of their actions and adhere to the terms of service of the platforms they operate on.

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