Tommy Fury Set To Receive A Huge Sum Of Money After Beating Jake Paul

Following Tommy Fury’s success in his recent fight against Jake Paul, the huge amount of money he’s set to take home from it, has only made his win even sweeter

The former Love Island star, 23, who is the younger brother of champion Tyson Fury, took on the YouTuber turned boxer, Jake Paul, 26, in Saudia Arabia at the weekend.

After their previous fights were postponed due to injury and visa issues, it’s safe to say that the anticipation to see the pair finally box against each other was at an all time high.

Leading up to the event, the pair had been taunting each other on social media.

Tommy had taken to Instagram numerous promoting the fight, threatening to ‘end this fool,’ where Jake can be seen in the comments clapping back to his remarks.

Jake Paul also, apparently leaked the news of Fury’s daughter’s birth before he and Molly-Mae Hague had even made their own announcement, which only added even more fuel to the fire.

Although Tommy is the professional boxer out of the two, making him the more obvious winner, there was still speculation over who would come out victorious.

“Please shut Jake up once and for all sick of his face,” one person commented.

Whilst others were on Paul’s side, writing “You’re family is about to disown you Tommy!! Haha. Going down!! Jake Paul is going to give you a beat down!!”

In the end, both put up a good fight, but after a split decision from the judges, Fury was declared winner. – And now, he’s expected to win a sizeable amount of money for doing so

He’s set to walk away with a seven-figure sum for the fight, with Sports Zion claiming he will receive $2 million as a base salary, plus 35 percent of the pay-per-view profits. Paul is also set to get a base salary of $3.2 million and 65 percent of the pay-per-view revenue.

They claim Fury will walk away with $4.5 million in total, while Paul will get $8.6 million overall. Which isn’t bad for eight rounds in the ring.

Before their fight, Paul proposed a sizable “double or nothing” contract idea.

Earlier this week, he said: “Bring out the contract, lawyers already drafted it up this week. And like I said, if I can reiterate: if I win, I take all the money you’re being paid. If you win, I double it up.”

Looks like it’s a good job that didn’t happen. Paul might have lost this fight, but I’m sure the amount of money he’s made from it will soften the blow.

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