Tommy Fury Missed Out on $4.5 million Bonus From Jake Paul Fight

Tommy Fury missed out on a huge bonus totalling nearly $4.5 million from his boxing match against Jake Paul.

To catch you up to speed, ex love-island star and boxer Tommy Fury, recently took on YouTuber Jake Paul in in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, for a much-anticipated fight at the weekend.

Credit: Instagram – @tommyfury

After a two and half year long feud, and certainly a lot of smack talk on social media, the pair finally had a chance to box in the ring and fight to be declared winner.

After 8 round in the ring, the winner came down to a split decision from the judges. – One judge scored it 75-74 to Paul, with the other two scoring it 76-73 to Fury.

With Fury, 23, being the professional boxer out of the two, this didn’t come as a surprise to fans. However, leading up to the fight, Paul, 26, wasn’t put off by his competitor’s experience, and even offered to raise the stakes beforehand.

Speaking at their press conference, the YouTuber turned boxer attempted to call Fury’s bluff, offering to give his purse a huge boost.

“I think we make a deal – if you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already,” he explained.

“But if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you. Deal or no deal, seeing as you’re so confident?”

Although Fury appeared apprehensive of the deal at first, they shook hands and got him to agree on the wager.

But, just before the anticipated showdown took place, there were claims that Fury’s side had gone silent, alleging that the contract was yet to be signed.

Now that the fight is over and done with, it appears the ‘double or nothing’ deal didn’t actually go through, meaning that fury lost out on quite a generous sum of money.

However, I wouldn’t waste too much time feeling sorry for the champ, as he still walked away from the match with a huge paycheque.

They claim Fury will take away a sum of $4.5 million in total, while Paul will get $8.6 million overall; Due to pay-per-view revenue, Pauls huge amount of followers certainly attracted a large percentage of viewers, and therefore more money despite his loss.

But had Fury signed the dotted line, Paul would’ve had to pay him double – in other words, that’s a loss of another whopping $4.5 million.

Credit: Instagram – @mollymae

It seems that money isn’t the only important takeaway from the fight, however, and Fury is finding enough joy revelling in his victory and returning home to girlfriend Molly-Mae and newborn daughter Bambi.

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