Tom Holland Doesn’t Care What People Say about his Lip Sync Battle Performance from 2017

Tom Holland recently expressed his indifference towards what people think about his memorable Lip Sync Battle performance from 2017, emphasizing that he didn’t realize its forward-thinking nature at the time.

Back in 2017, the then-27-year-old Holland was promoting the release of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in the United States. As part of the promotional efforts, he appeared on the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle alongside his co-star Zendaya, who is now 26. Little did he know that his performance would leave a lasting impact on the internet and become iconic.

Reflecting on the viral moment, Holland shared his pride during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He stated, “I’m proud of it. I like that it left a lasting impact. It was an amazing time. My life was changing before my eyes. Spider-Man was coming out. I was on the up. I was getting offers and turning them down for the first time, which was really crazy.”

Holland mentioned that during that period, he was meeting with producers and directors while navigating the bustling city of Los Angeles on his own. He reminisced, “I was finally at that stage where I could say, ‘Can I bring my friends?’ And they’d say, ‘Yeah.'”

When asked if his exuberant Lip Sync Battle performance was a deliberate statement about toxic masculinity, Holland firmly denied it. He confidently stated that he “didn’t give a f**k” and elaborated, “I’ve grown up in the most non-toxic-masculine environment possible. I didn’t realize what I was doing was so forward-thinking. I was just like, ‘Yeah, fk it, I’ll put some fishnets on and dance in the rain. That’ll be really fun. I don’t care.'”

However, Holland clarified that fans shouldn’t expect him to recreate the iconic performance now. He asserted, “Just because I don’t want to do a f**king TV show that I don’t need to do. I’d rather go and play golf and live my little private life.”

Interestingly, despite his status as a Hollywood movie star, Holland shared that Lip Sync Battle is what he receives the most compliments for, which he finds intriguing.

In another part of the interview, Holland revealed his mixed feelings about continuing in the Spider-Man franchise. He expressed a desire to walk away and pass the baton to the next fortunate individual who will bring the beloved character to life. He explained, “There’s a bit of a stigma about the fourth one in all franchises. I feel like we hit a home run with our first franchise, and there’s a part of me that wants to walk away with my head held high and pass the baton to the next lucky kid that gets to bring this character to life.”

Despite his reservations, Holland admitted that he is genuinely pleased with the direction of the rumored Marvel Cinematic Universe tentpole, indicating a sense of contentment with the legacy he has helped create.

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