Tickets To See Beyoncé Are So Expensive American Fans Are Flying to Europe

Want to see Beyonce live but tickets are too expensive? American fans might have just found a way around it.

The iconic singer is soon to set sail on her Renaissance world tour, where she’ll be performing live in Europe and all across North America. However, her ticket prices prices for US dates are so high, fans are unable to afford to buy them.

Instead, they’ve worked out that it’s actually cheaper to buy a plane ticket to Europe and see the show there. Plus, you get a nice little getaway as a bonus.

This all started with one fan, Mercedes Arielle, from Dallas, who announced on Instagram that she had saved money by booking a flight to Stockholm to see the Renaissance tour, rather than buying a ticket in her hometown.

‘Beyoncé is a ministry,’ said Arielle, explaining the lengths she went to to get tickets.

She told The Washington Post: ”When I think about the things she is saying in her music about experiencing joy and celebrating black women? She made us feel empowered and capable and strong and worthy.”

Arielle also told NBC News that she bought VIP tickets to the Stockholm show for $366, while her friends in Dallas spent $900.

She said she was so close to the stage, ‘Beyoncé is gonna sweat on me. That’s how close I am.’

And she’s not the only fan who’s managed to bag themselves a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Kylyn Schnelle, 28, from Louisville, Kentucky, said tickets for the show closest to her were on resale sites for over $800.

She explained to NBC News that she looked online and found tickets in London, and a flight, with the trip adding up to the same cost as seeing the singer in her hometown.

‘For Schnelle, it was a no brainer – ”When I looked in London, it was £167 [about $200], and the flight was, like, $660,” she said.

‘I was like this is genuinely the same cost.’

Ticket prices for Stockholm

Schnelle’s best friend lives in London, so, she said, it took ‘very little to convince’ her to go.

‘If you’re going to spend $800, why would you not milk it as much as possible?’ she said.

Just to put ticket prices to comparrison:

Tickets are currently on sale for Beyoncé’s show in the Swedish capital Stockholm on May 10 for 2,325 krona, or $225.

The same type of ticket for a show in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 9 costs $822.

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