The Most Popular Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is home to a variety of films that cater to the diverse tastes of its global audience.

One of the most popular movies on Netflix right now is “Pitch Perfect,” a sleeper hit from 2012 that takes place in the world of college acappella.

The film follows the journey of Beca (Anna Kendrick), who joins an all-female a cappella group at her university and helps them compete against their male counterparts.

“Pitch Perfect” has since spawned two sequels and has become a cult classic, thanks in part to its catchy musical numbers.

Netflix users are also turning to crime films for their movie fix. “Heat,” a 1995 hit starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, has made its way onto the list of popular movies.

The classic crime drama, which features a star-studded cast, tells the story of a group of bank robbers and the police officers who are hot on their trail. Rumors of a sequel have only added to the buzz surrounding the movie.

Another crime thriller that has found its way onto the public ranking system is “Above Suspicion,” a 2019 film based on the true story of Susan Smith’s murder.

The movie follows an FBI agent who becomes embroiled in a love affair with a woman he’s supposed to be protecting. The film has garnered mixed reviews but has nevertheless managed to capture the attention of audiences.

For those seeking something a little more action-packed, “AKA” is a gritty French film that tells the story of a special ops agent who infiltrates a crime syndicate and develops a bond with the boss’s son.

Released on April 28, the movie has received mixed reviews, but its fast-paced action and suspenseful plot have kept viewers engaged. See the top ten below:

  1. “The Glass Castle”
  1. “Above Suspicion”
  1. “Heat”
  1. “American Gangster”
  1. “AKA”
  1. “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”
  1. “The Dilemma:
  1. “The Croods”
  1. “Pitch Perfect”

And at number 1…

“A Man Called Otto”

Do you see any of your top favourites on the list?

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