Ryan Reynolds Is Selling His Mobile Phone Company to T-Mobile for an Absolute Fortune

Ryan Reynolds’s talents don’t stop at acting, and he is also an incredible entrepreneur, and his recent business move proves that.

Not only is he owner of Wrexham football club, he also has a small ownership stake in a mobile network company Mint Mobile, it’s hard to keep up with him!

Founded by David Glickman and Rizwan Kassi, Mint Mobile, that Reynolds part-owns, is set to be acquired by telecommunications company T-Mobile, and for a pretty hefty pay-check.

In a video uploaded to Reynold’s social media, CEO Mike Sievert announced T-Mobile’s plans ‘to acquire Mint Mobile’.

Mint Mobile is a ‘wireless brand that shares [T-Mobile’s] customer-first commitment,’ Sievert explains.

Sievert is then joined by Reynolds, who adds: “We’re incredibly excited. Mint has run on T-Mobile’s network since its inception.

“And the reason people have such a great experience with Mint is due to the T-Mobile Network. Especially because of it’s unrivalled lead in 5G.”

However, Reynolds will stay on in his “creative role on behalf of Mint,” where he serves as a spokesperson, according to a press release announcing the deal.

“I never dreamt I’d own a wireless company and I certainly never dreamt I’d sell it to T-Mobile,” Reynolds wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “Life is strange and I’m incredibly proud and grateful.”

However, it looks like Mint Mobile customers aren’t all happy about the news.

”I left T mobile for mint 😂😂😂 this is horrible news. Ryan, how could you 😢,” one user commented on Instagram

Another said, ”his is waking up to a nightmare. Left T Mobile for Mint Mobile because hated T Mobile. Sad have to look for another cell phone company. I won’t do business with T Mobile.”

The question that everyone wants the answer to – How much is Mint Mobile actually selling for?

Well, as reported by Variety, T-Mobile is set to pay 39 percent cash and 61 percent stock to acquire the Corp, totalling a maximum of $1.35 billion, but this could change.

With his part ownership stake entitling Reynolds to a chunk of this money, it’s not bad doing for a side hustle.

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