Ryan Reynolds has Chosen the Second Sports Team he Wants to Buy after Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds’ venture into team ownership with the purchase of Wrexham has been a resounding success, but the Canadian actor is not stopping there.

Reynolds, who alongside Rob McElherney acquired Wrexham for £2 million in February 2021, has now set his sights on another sports team – the Ottawa Senators, his local hockey team from his childhood.

Reynolds has been open about his interest in purchasing the Senators, but acknowledges the hefty price tag attached to the NHL team, currently owned by The Melnyk family and estimated to be worth £571 million.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Reynolds revealed, “I am trying to do it. But it’s very expensive. I need a partner with very deep pockets.” Despite his success as an actor and entrepreneur, Reynolds believes that forming a consortium would be the best approach to make the purchase a reality, jokingly referring to it as finding a “sugar mummy or a sugar daddy.”

Reynolds’ dedication to team ownership is evident in his recent move to the village of Marford near Wrexham, where he has reportedly purchased a £1.5 million property.

However, it remains to be seen whether his wife, Blake Lively, shares the same enthusiasm for his latest sports team purchase.

Reynolds recalled her initial reaction to him buying Wrexham as “not good,” jokingly telling McElherney, “We’re still working through that one.”

Despite any challenges, Reynolds has been deeply grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Wrexham.

He was recently awarded the Freedom of Wrexham honour for his contributions to the club and reflected on the significance of the purchase at the ceremony, saying, “I think back to that first moment… I don’t think I have ever been as nervy as I was in that exact moment. I’m so touched I get to be a part of this story. I know that we are here so that you guys can thank us for some reason, but I feel like it is the other way around. We want to thank you for what you have given us. Words are too clumsy to quantify what it means to me.”

Reynolds’ passion for sports team ownership and his desire to expand his portfolio with the potential purchase of the Ottawa Senators demonstrates his commitment to the world of sports beyond just being a fan.

With his entrepreneurial mindset and determination, Reynolds is poised to make an impact in the world of team ownership once again, following the success of his acquisition of Wrexham. As he continues to pursue his sports ownership dreams, Reynolds’ fans and sports enthusiasts alike eagerly await his next move in the world of team ownership.

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