Restaurant Owner Backs Decision Not To Serve Russell Crowe and His Girlfriend

A Melbourne restaurant owner has spoken out after denying actors Russell Crowe and Britney Theriot entry over their outfits.

On Friday 17th February, the Gladiator actor and his girlfriend Britney Theriot popped by Japanese fusion restaurant Mr Miyagi on Chapel Street, Windsor Victoria, to grab a bite to eat, or so they thought they’d be able to. – However, the couple were denied entry upon arrival.

The restaurant owner Kristian Klein, told Page 13 of the Herald Sun, “We treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who you are or if you are Russell Crowe.

“We’ve got a dress code that we that we push across every level. So whoever it is, it stays the same.”

“We’re consistent with it and I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable.”


Klein continued, “But I know personally if I’m in my thongs and my boardies, I’m not going to try and go to a nice restaurant, because I wouldn’t be dressed appropriately.”

”We put so much effort in what we do. And we expect everyone to sort of respect us like we respect the guests.”

The restaurant has described itself as ”casual but fancy” where ”work gear, activewear, singlets, and thongs (flip-flops)” are not allowed.

Since they were coming to the restaurant after a few games of tennis, Mr Crowe was wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt while Ms Theriot was wearing her tennis skirt, which did not meet the appropriate dress code.

The pair didn’t stay hungry for long however, and soon found another nearby restaurant to go to.

It seems theres no hard feelings however, and the restaurant owner has since said. “We’d love for him to come to dinner, we’d love to have him back.”

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