People Can’t Stop Talking About Jennifer Lawrence’s Feet At Cannes Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence has made a bold fashion statement at the Cannes Film Festival, defying convention by ditching her perilous heels for a pair of comfortable flip flops.

The renowned actress, known for her red carpet mishaps, opted for a more relaxed footwear choice at the premiere of her new film, Anatomy of a Fall.

Accompanied by the flickering lights of cameras, Jennifer gracefully descended the stairs at the Palais des Festivals wearing a stunning red gown with an A-line skirt and a long train.

Hidden beneath her elegant attire were a pair of black flip flops, ensuring both comfort and style.

Jennifer’s choice to forego high heels stems from her history of red carpet calamities.

Who could forget the infamous moment when she stumbled while climbing the stairs to collect her Best Actress Oscar in 2013? The following year, she experienced another unfortunate mishap, buckling and falling to the floor while walking the red carpet. And if that weren’t enough, two years later, she even lost a shoe while leaving a dinner in celebration of her film, Silver Linings Playbook, in London.

The red dress and flip flops ensemble marked Jennifer’s second look of the day, as earlier she attended a photocall for her new documentary, Bread and Roses. Wearing a knitted cream dress, Jennifer also served as the film’s producer. Bread and Roses delves into the daily lives of three women in Afghanistan living under Taliban rule, providing an unfiltered depiction of their struggles and resilience. The film aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Afghan women and spark awareness and action.

Reflecting on the film’s subject matter, Jennifer expressed her concern, stating, “There’s not an end to this story, and you feel pretty much helpless when thinking about how to do anything about it. It’s a hard thing to market.” With the arrival of the militant political movement in Kabul in 2021, women’s rights in the country suffered a devastating blow. Education, employment opportunities, and access to public spaces were immediately curtailed, highlighting the urgent need to address the female plight in Afghanistan.

Directed by Sahra Mani, who herself fled Afghanistan when the Taliban took power, Bread and Roses offers viewers a glimpse into the journey of three women striving to reclaim their identity and autonomy in the face of adversity.

While Jennifer’s unconventional footwear stole the spotlight, the Cannes Film Festival had more excitement in store. Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese received acclaim for their crime epic, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon.’ The film, based on a non-fiction bestseller, explores a wave of murders among the oil-rich Osage Indians in the 1920s. Critics hailed it as a ‘searing,’ ‘triumphant,’ and ‘masterful’ piece of cinema. DiCaprio delivers what many consider to be his best-ever performance, while Scorsese’s direction captivated audiences, resulting in a five-star rating from The Guardian, which described it as a remarkable epic about the turbulent birth of America.

As the festival continued, another glamorous premiere awaited attendees: ‘Firebrand.’ This film stars Jude Law as the infamous 16th-century English king, Henry VIII, and Alicia Vikander as his sixth and final wife, Catherine Parr. Alicia dazzled in a peach dress adorned with silver hearts, while Jude transformed into the morbidly obese monarch, complete with a full body suit and prosthetic makeup, accurately depicting the venous leg ulcers Henry suffered from.

Among the star-studded crowd were Gigi Hadid, Carla Bruni, and Irina Shayk, who turned heads with a low-rise skirt that revealed her toned torso.

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