Oscar Nominee Tems Is Criticized for Her ‘Rude’ Outfit Blocking People’s View

On Sunday night at the 95th Academy Awards, we saw lots of celebrities show off their most glamorous and flamboyant outfits for the very special night.

However, there was one attendees’ outfit in particular that got people talking, and mostly for the wrong reasons.

Oscar nominee Tems has been criticized on social media after her elaborate gown blocked the view of fellow audience members sat around her.

The songstress was nominated for Best Original Song for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever song ‘Lift Me Up,’ which was performed by Rihanna on Sunday night.

The 27-year-old Nigerian-born singer, whose full name is Temilade Openiyi, certainly caught the attention of everyone at the event, and was dressed in a puffy white lace gown that hooded around the back of her head.

Her dress looked breathtaking on the carpet, and was paired with a shimmery makeup look, slicked back hairstyle, and accessorised with a large headpiece.

Although jaw dropping, it was also very impractical, and Tems has been called out online for keeping the headpiece on inside.

People on twitter were quick to bring attention to this, branding her behaviour as selfish and inconsiderate.

One tweet of the musician sitting in the crowd, quickly went viral, paired with the caption “Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud.”

Another person shared, “I honestly thought they just wear clothes like this for the red carpet and take parts of it off for the main show. This is inconsiderate.”

A third showed a video of the woman sat behind tens, clearly struggling to see, with the caption ”I’m cryinnnnnnn. Tems got that lady fighting for her life.”

It quickly racked up over 10k likes, with people replying in agreement that her outfit was certainly an interesting choice to wear indoors.

What do you think about her fashion choice?

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