Nick Cannon Shares how Ex Mariah Carey Feels about Him Having 12 Children

Nick Cannon has revealed how his former partner, the iconic singer Mariah Carey, feels about his impressive feat of fathering twelve children.

The Masked Singer presenter has become somewhat of a baby-making machine, having children with multiple women, including Carey herself.

However, despite the criticisms he has faced for his large offspring, Cannon has claimed that Carey remains his staunchest supporter in this regard.

In a clip of an upcoming episode of The Jason Lee Show obtained by Page Six, Cannon described Carey as “high frequency” and stated that she regularly checks in on him to ask how he is handling the situation.

“When we talk daily, she’s just checking in on my spirit,” he said. “She’s like, ‘Yo, let’s make sure we’re on the same page every day so when some bulls**t comes up, we know that it ain’t true.'”

Cannon has been in the news recently for fathering a number of children with different women.

He shares 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Carey, and also has four children – Rise, Powerful Queen, Golden, and the late Zen – with Brittany Bell.

In addition to these, he co-parents with Abby De La Rosa to raise Beautiful, Zion, and Zillion. He is also father to Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi, and Onyx with LaNisha Cole.

Despite his unorthodox lifestyle, Cannon defended himself against criticisms and declared that fatherhood was his first priority in life.

Speaking to People, he said: “I believe that’s what we’re put on this planet here to do, is to guide and usher in your offspring. So fatherhood is my number one and first priority when I open my eyes, when I get up every morning. Career and work and all of that, take second.”

Cannon also addressed the numerous “narratives” that are out there about him and his life, stating that he is not a part of most of them.

He admitted that his lifestyle may be viewed as unconventional by society, but insisted that his main goal in life was to love and provide for his children. “Like I always say, I just love with abundance,” he concluded.

In light of Cannon’s impressive parenting record, it is heartening to see that Carey remains supportive of him despite their separation.

Her unwavering support for Cannon and his growing family is a testament to the strength of their bond and the respect they have for each other.

With Carey in his corner, Cannon is sure to weather any criticisms that come his way and continue to be a loving and devoted father to his twelve children.

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