Netflix Viewers ‘Sick to their Stomach’ While Watching Terrifying New Movie ‘Fall’

If scary movies aren’t your thing, you might want to look away now…

There’s a new flick on Netflix that is so terrifying, it’s left viewers feeling ”sick” and has even called ”the most terrifying film ever.”

Branded as more of a thriller, it doesn’t hold back in horrifying it’s viewers with twists and turns.

The film, titled Fall, follows friends Becky (played by Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (played by Virginia Gardner) who climb to the top of a 2,000 feet (610m) tall radio tower to scatter the ashes of Becky’s husband Dan, who died in a climbing accident. – So if you’ve got a fear of heights, maybe sit this one out.

However, as I’m sure it comes as no surprise that things don’t go smoothly for the pair, and you guessed it, after the ladder they used to climb breaks, they end up getting stuck at the top of the tower.

Just to make matters worse, the bag carrying their supplies – including water – falls just out of reach and neither woman can get their phone to work, meaning calling for help isn’t an option.

If you think the drama stops there, you’d be mistaken, and the movie throws some pretty hefty plot twists our way as they stay stranded 2000ft in the air.

Even Netflix’s official Twitter account warned: “Almost every single shot from Fall (2022) – a film about two women who get stranded after climbing to the top of a 2000ft radio tower – will make you feel a bit wobbly.”

Viewers are also taking to social media to share their reviews:

“I was looking forward to watching this. but didn’t realise just how scared of heights I am. It’s my own silly fault I now feel sick and a bit shaky. I’d have been terrified up there,” wrote one.

“Wouldn’t advise watching Fall on Netflix if you’ve got a phobia of heights cos I’ve just lost about a pound in sweat through my hands,” said another.

A third viewers went on to say they’re going to ”have nightmares” and have “never felt as anxious watching a film as I do watching Fall on Netflix.

Disturbing as it might be, it’s racked in a pretty decent rating of 79% on rotten tomatoes while on IMDB it currently holds a 6.4 rating – Still not too shabby, but we can only assume that the lower rating comes from those who were too scared to watch the whole movie.

Check it out on Netflix now, if you dare.

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