Netflix Users Warned Not to Watch Terrifying New Horror Film Don’t Listen Alone

Scary movie fans, this one’s for you!

There’s one film on Netflix that’s got everyone talking, with viewers urging others not to watch this horror film by yourself.

It’s that scary.

Horror films aren’t for everyone, and that comes as no surprise. However, if this looks like something you’d be into, listen up.

The film is called Voces or, as it’s advertised in the UKDon’t Listen.

Netflix’s official synopsis for the Spanish film reads: “After a tragic turn of events at the new home he’s fixing up, Daniel hears a ghostly plea for help, spurring him to seek out a famous paranormal expert.”

And after watching, people are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and also, give everyone a gentle warning on the scare level.

One user commented: “So have just frightened the s**te out of myself before bed watching #dontlisten on #Netflix – like a Spanish version of #theconjuring. Really good and worth a watch.”

”Let me put you all on something IF YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES GO WATCH DONT LISTEN ON NETFLIX!!!!!!!!” urged another.

Another said ”Wow! This movie was incredible, excellent,freaky and dark as hell! Another great Spanish horror film! #DontListen#Voces#Netflix If you are looking for a good thriller to watch, I can’t recommend this film more. It was brilliant!”

And a final resolved: “I’ve been saying for years that modern horror is crap BUT THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! Absolutely stunning, dark, violent, shocking & creepy as all hell! Think The Conjuring, but ramped up to ten!”

Welp… If this sounds like something you can handle, check it out on Netflix.

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